The story of Haircut Websites

Hi, I’m Wes – founder and operations manager for Haircut Websites. I love using technology to make people’s lives better.

This company was born out of friendship between a “website guy” and a barber. Years ago, I was chillin’ with a close friend who also happened to be my barber. We started talking about his work, and he expressed some frustrations about his workplace. The barbershop he rented a booth at had no digital booking system, and every barber had to manage and organize their own appointments as best they could with pen and paper, texts and phone calls.

At the time I was just learning web design at a digital marketing company, and my wheels started spinning. Surely I could hook up my man with a website, set up a booking system, and solve a lot of his headaches. We talked about it, and before long I had his site up on the web. He began pointing all his clients to his website, funneling all his appointments through his online booking platform integrated into his website. A month later he simply told me, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business”. It wasn’t long until the owner of the barbershop he worked for contacted me and wanted a solution that could cover the entire barbershop.

I began wondering about how many other independent contractors and business owners out there in this industry needed similar help. Not long after creating “Haircut Websites”, I found the answer. Since then I’ve become passionate about leading a team to meet the digital marketing needs of the hair cutting industry. I have 10 years of experience designing and building websites, and I’d love to put that expertise to work for you.

Let's work together!